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Determining optimal nutrient delivery for optimizing yield and enhancing soil and environmental quality

There are many roads to increasing fertilizer use efficiency of crops – sometimes referred to as the "four R's" – right source, right timing, right rate, and right place.  We explore the 'right' ways, and go beyond to enhance crop fertilizer use efficiency.

Agroecosystem management that
fosters soil-plant synergy

Management practices can enhance soil-plant synergy, and result in both increased yield and improved environmental quality. We explore novel, practical ways to manage agroecosystems; and in response measure costs or benefits to crop, soil, and human health.

Non-traditional soil additives

The market is flooded with non-traditional products that boost yields.  Sometimes called "biologicals".  Many of these may indeed boost yields, but sometimes the proverbial cart is before the horse.  Or in other words, a rigorous evaluation has not determined the efficacy of these products under all conditions.  We evaluate the ability of non-traditional soil additives to boost yield or improve soil health. 

Soil-Plant Interactions in the McDaniel Lab

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